Wroclaw, Poland during summer sunset.

Wroclaw – One Thousand Years Old

Wroclaw is one of the most impressive cities in the whole of Poland. The city is majestic, sprawling and a major pull for tourists, culture, youths and more. The universities in the city are among the country’s best.

You will find the entire place to be a sprawling gem and beauty that wants to be explored. There’s a huge tower soaring well above the city that would allow you to see Wroclaw in its entire splendour.

#1 Wroclaw’s Dwarfs

The city has an interesting way of expressing its artistic nature. The famed bronze dwarfs are one very whimsical way indeed. Tucked away well over the entire city, the dwarfs hunt is a true singular experience. You will most certainly want to be part of this treasure hunt and make sure that you get the most fun finding these little fellows all over the city.

Wroclaw Dwarfs
Wroclaw Dwarfs

In fact, they can be so bizarre that if a great apocalypse happened and they were left standing, whoever finds evidence of the previous people to live in Wroclaw might have drawn very interesting conclusions about their height and size.
The dwarfs are definitely one of the best things to visit.

#2 Old Town – The Historic Center

Poland’s Old Towns are the most authentic way to reimagine the past and experience it in the present. They are charged with a lot of how things used to be, but in a very good way, too. The architecture is spot on and without a fault.

Poland has clearly spent millions in restoring its architectural heritage and millions more in maintaining everything visually stunning. Such is the interesting nature of Poland that you will always be able to go to the Old Cities and enjoy yourself a fair bit.

There is a lot to see here, too. From the Court House – located just a few hundred meters from this place to the Wroclaw’s opera house, which is truly amazing. Apart from that, there are quite a few other landmarks to spot, including the amazing churches that surround the entire Old Town.

Each one is more stunning than the last you have visited and we’re sure that you will find the experience greatly enjoyable.

#3 Wroclaw Town Hall

You can’t really barge in on the local lawmakers, but the architecture of the townhall is simply breath-taking. It’s amazing to see so many beautiful landmarks all over the place. Each building seems to be charged with its own uniqueness and we can rightfully say that Wroclaw’s architecture is to be admired in full.

#4 Wroclaw Tower – Behold the City and Beyond!

Wroclaw’s tower is a soaring giant worthy of your attention and interest. You can visit the place and explore the whole city at a glance. It’s definitely one of the most spectacular things about the entire city and you are more than welcome to visit and enjoy the view yourself.

Wroclaw Tower
Wroclaw Tower

Looking at Wroclaw from above is breath-taking. In fact, there are suites available for PLN 500 an evening at the top of the tower, so if you are ever thinking about a great way to spend St. Valentine’s day, you will definitely find Wroclaw’s Tower to be quite the fetching romantic spot.

#5 Wroclaw’s Opera House

We’ve mentioned it before and now we want to reiterate it – do visit Wroclaw’s amazing Opera House. It’s definitely one of the main places to be and if you are a tourist, you should check if there is a performance available.


Wroclaw Opera
Wroclaw Opera

To me, going to visit new cities and places is hardly just about seeing places. It’s also about “experiencing” things and spending some time in the Opera House is definitely high up on my list of to do things.

Waving Wroclaw Goodbye

It’s definitely difficult to say goodbye to Wroclaw, but it’s nevertheless something that you will sooner or later have to do.

Don’t worry, though, because Wroclaw is quite the place and you will certainly be drawn back to it time and again. That’s why Wroclaw will never be effaced from your memory. It’s specific architecture and beautiful streets will forever haunt you, so much that you will actively seek to return to it and visit time and again.

We love Wroclaw because it makes such an impression on us time and again.

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