The beautiful city of Lublin

Lublin – Things to See and Do in 2019

Poland is a country full of historic heritage. Today, we will take a look into one of the many cities worth visiting in Poland – Lublin. In a series of articles, we will explore other beautiful gems that this country has tucked away far from us.

Prepare yourself to be amazed, from Wroclaw to Rzeszow, Poland has a charm that awaits to be explored.

Let’s start with Lublin – just 2 hours by car from the capital, Warsaw.

#1 Lublin Old Town

We couldn’t think of a nicer place to be than in Lublin’s Old Town. There’s a special thing about Poland’s big cities – they all have their “Old Towns,” but rest assured that this is not a tourist attraction.

Old Town, Lublin

It’s a pocket of time where the life of times begone have been preserved. You can see tourist and locals bustling around and exploring the curious facades of colourful buildings. The buildings themselves are small and soaring, old and new.

Whatever the architectural layout, though, you will always find yourself to be soaking up much of the history of the country by simply taking a stroll down the main square in one of Poland’s main Old Towns.

Lublin’s no exception and you will definitely enjoy yourself a whole lot once you enter the fairy tale that is Lublin’s Old Town.

#2 The Lublin Open Air Village Museum

Speaking of Lublin’s proclivity to keep its traditions, you should definitely visit the Open Air Village Museum. A picturesque excerpt of the rustic life of Poland, Lublin’s Village Museum is definitely something that you will want to visit.

Here’s a quick excerpt from what Trip Advisor users think about this unique part of the city:

Great setting with an interesting array of buildings. It was a beautiful day so most houses/buildings were open with staff working in traditional ways. Great to see a pair of horses harrowing a field. Goats, foals, nesting swallows/swifts, hens and chicks added to the feeling of being transported back in time. A few more notices in English would be good.

We tend to agree that Lublin is only now opening up to tourists and Poland is becoming cognizant that it’s a desired place for work, having a family, and even travelling. Lublin remains one of the main pulls for the city as well.

#3 Trinity Tower – The Towering Beauty

One of Lublin’s most iconic monuments, the Trinity Tower is indeed quite the sight for sore eyes. Beautiful, well-kept and charged with history, the tower soars above the city. It’s a 60-metre building that was built back in 1819, making it one of the most iconic monuments in the entire city.

The streets leading up to Trinity Tower are indeed clean, charming and interspersed with many cafés that beckon to the errant or determine tourist alike. We love this pat of the city, as it gives us a piece of mind.

Beautiful little Lublin has a great landmark in the face of Trinity Tower.

#4 Fontanna Multimedialna Lublin

I have always thought that parks are one of the best places to explore the life in a new country. I love the peace and quiet, the sort of tranquillity that comes at such places.

Fontana Lublin
Fontana Lublin

In parks, you are no longer a tourist rushed up to see as much as they can before the inevitable end of leaving the city comes. Park are a “still life” painting that allows you to soak in the life in a foreign country and enjoy yourself immensely.

That’s why we recommend visiting Fontanna Multimedialna Lublin and having a quiet time on one of the benches, or simply walking around and enjoying yourself. There’s a lot to do and learn here and we recommend that you give Lublin a chance to impress and fascinate you as it has done with us.

A Final Goodbye with Lublin

I’ve always thought how difficult it is to say goodbye to a new place. My heart desires new experiences but at the same time, I find myself aching for every new place I’ve fallen in love with. It’s my paradox. My impressionable self that makes me want to avoid travel, but at the same time thrusts me forward my next destination where I am going to find my new passion.

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