Center of Krakow, Old town The Main Market square view to Mariacki Cathedral and The Cloth Hall.

Krakow – A City of Kings, a Jewel of the South

Krakow is one of the busiest cities in Poland, but incidentally- it’s one of the best places to live. Safe, vibrant, full of things to see, do and taste, you will definitely enjoy yourself in Krakow. It’s one of the cities that will make you feel the safest an we can assure you that the visit here is quite worth it.

The city has amazing architecture and it is located to quite a few things all over Poland – from beautiful mountains to other great cities. The interconnectivity of Krakow is indeed one of its main selling points.

We definitely can see why so many people would be interested in visiting the city, living and working here. Krakow is indeed one of the great places in Poland that you will want to visit.

But why so?

#1 Wawel Castle – Quite the Aristocracy

The Wawel Castle is quite the place to visit in Krakow. It’s a landmark of the country’s past. Poland has often been divvied up between other nations and/or part of other kingdoms and empires, but none of this has manage to lead the Poles to losing their identity.

Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland.
Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland.

In fact, the city and the castle are part of the UNESCO’s world heritage, which puts the city and its castle(s) ahead in the list of things you will want to see. Wawel Castle is not the overly-fortified palace you might have expected.

Instead, you get a very aristocratic-looking place with quite the brilliant courtyard. The greenery in Wawel Castle is definitely one of the things that you will enjoy the most when you first arrive here.

#2 Main Square in Krakow

Poland’s Main Squares are definitely tempting. They are huge open-spaces surrounded by architecturally-stunning buildings that have to be appreciate in fullest. And what better way to appreciate them than casting them against a slightly barren square.

The Main Square is much more than a few tiles put together, though. It’s a place for meet-ups that guarantee you direct access to the rest of the city’s landmarks. The center of the city is filled with quite a few things to do and it’s worth your while indeed.

#3 Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum

Not all in Krakow is glamorous. The Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum is one of those parts of the city (though it’s really halfway between Katowice and Krakow) that will definitely remind you that the history of Poland wasn’t always glamorous.

With this in mind, you can explore history first-hand, although it will definitely make for a trip that would remind you of a different past. Poland is still very sensitive about the wars of the past and the injustice that has been done to it, so you can expect Polish people to be proud, loving of their country and very determined to continue their lineage.

Even if the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum is a painful place, it’s a reminder that some horrors of the past should never be revisited.

#4 The Food Around Town Is Superb

There are many tasty bites and treats to try all over Krakow so we do recommend you to explore these. From pierogi to dumplings, there are many traditional bites of food you’d love to taste.

Now, it really depends where you want to go, but you can expect a dish that includes meat to cost you around PLN70 – PLN100. This is really rather cheap if you come from any Western country and it’s an acceptable expense if you come from the East.

Krakow food and drink.
Krakow food and drink.

It also depends where you are going to be eating. For example, if you choose a restaurant bang in the middle of the city, you can expect to pay slightly more, which is no bad thing at all. However, if you go a little off the center, you can find quite a few places that serve even cheaper food.

Brew in Poland is also cheap compared to Western standards and 500ml of beer would cost you about $3.5 or PLN12. Since I am a vegetarian (but not the terrible one to tell you to stop eating meat), I myself try to have vegetables, so a good meal for me usually costs PLN35 – PLN50, including the brew, though I am not a huge fan.

Krakow will provide you with sufficient opportunities to treat your palette to quite the enjoyable variety of food & drink treats.



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